Painted Melted Spoon Flower. The Sequel.. (I think I have a problem)

The rest of these guys were done with white (thicker) Walmart spoons and acrylic paint. (Pink and teal with white paint mixed with food coloring.. The purple was purchased that way.. It was before I had the stroke of food color genius)








More Melted Spoon Magnificence!

As I posted before, you have no idea how fun this is until you actually try it. I just can’t fight it. Come along on my journey of melted proportions!

Here is the very first one from the previous post, but painted silver with acrylic paint



So you know those adorable little appetizer or dessert spoons that you love because they make you feel like a giant ? Well mix em with that cool silver color plastic that looks real, and what do you get???



This one was done with a black spoon. Problem was, the two colored spoons I tried were thinner so they melted thru or caught on fire easier. (and I had less of them)… Still cute tho.


Same with the teal spoons..


This one was the mini silver spoons but I got a little cray and used too many, which made it look crowded. Now it looks cuter Cuz I painted it. (Using white acrylic paint and the food coloring from my mod Podge projects. Whaaaaat!)


Melted Spoon Flower.

Omg. I can’t stop! What am I planning to do with them you ask? I have no flippin clue! But I can’t stop cranking them out!!!! Here is a pic of one.. I painted it silver after this pic but don’t have an updated picture.. Actually I have about 5 other ones I haven’t taken a pic of yet, so I’ll update this post tomorrow…

These are just white plastic spoons from Walmart. (I tried some dollar store ones too, but the lower the quality the easier you burn holes in them or set them on fire)..


You would not believe how fun it is to melt plastic spoons. I might be a closet pyro.. (Melt-o?).. But this is no time for self diagnosing.. There’s shit to melt!!! 🙂

Project for our new place!

We are moving on Friday, and for the past month and a half I’ve been staying at my parents house. (My recent obsession with crafts needs no other explanation).. Anyway, I’ve been prepping my room decor and bathroom decor, so prepare yourself for some (translate: a lot) of my projects!!!!!

Mod Podge has taken over my life..

I should really blame the black hole that is pinterest…. Saw coloring glass with mid podge and food coloring, and guess who now has a permanent tint covering my arms. And hands. And legs. And feet? How’d that happen?!

Then I doodled on them with puff paint.. Trying to copy those Moroccan themed projects. What do you think?



Here is a mason jar toothbrush holder. I drew with puff paint then colored it in. But it wouldn’t be a true Vira project if I didn’t use nail polish! Lol. This is colored by mixing the same food coloring colors from earlier with gel top coat nail polish! Then painted on with a small brush and cured in small sections. I did a top coat of clear mod podge because the polish was kinda sticky/tacky.



Then, of course I needed to get a mason jar soap dispenser (duh).. But wait.. It can’t be plain! Must tie in colors and designs to make it matchy matchy! (Soap dispenser from bed bath and beyond)




So now we have ourselves a cotton round holder, a qtip holder, a bobby pin holder, a toothbrush holder, and a soap dispenser in a similar theme! (I should mention my bathroom is going to be grey with jewely pink, purple and teal).

Pretty Hand Detailed Panties.

I bought a pair of white Lacey panties from Victoria’s Secret for a bridal shower.. I was going to but one from their line of ‘bride’ panties, but the color on all the them was teal. While I adore teal, my friends colors are pink and grey. this got my stupid diy brain churning. I ended up with these adorable (if I so say so myself) personalized panties. And sewed pink and grey bow on the back, and and sewn pink beads saying ‘I do’ on the front.




The Journey of the Bridesmaid Bow.

Here is what we started with. Not horrible, but let’s face it, not great.. Especially for a wedding. 5 pairs of feet up with the bride wearing these is not ideal. 20140528-155751-57471605.jpg

I have an idea, let’s take the ugly bow monstrosity off! Ruh roh, this isn’t good.. Crap.


If only there was some one crafty who could seam rip the whole world and put it back together all pretty like……


Yay! C’mon folks, we’re not calling off the wedding after all! Lol




20140528-160309-57789723.jpg Woot. Just high fived myself. (Don’t worry, no one saw)

Ornaments! I’m Feelin’ Crafty!



Last year I bought some glass balls intending to do that adorable thing where you fill it with hot chocolate, layering candy canes and sprinkles and marshmallows, but I never followed through. So I thought, since they’re just laying around, why not mess with them!!! Here’s what I got.. One for my sis and bro in law, one for my BFF and her hubby, and one for my parents. I used my glass etching cream and did the first letters of their last name. The loose diamonds I bought when I threw my sis her bridal shower (they were scattered on the tables).. Glad I kept them!!!.

Christmas Fairy

Step one: buy wooden body looking things.

Step two: glue on pipe cleaner to look like arms and legs!

Step three: hand sew a little shirt, out of a piece of felt.

Step four: hand sew little pants.

(The hard part is turning them right side out after you sew them! The little arm holes are so tiny!!)

Step five: put tiny clothes on the tiny body… I let my glue dry over night.. Which is a must. You have to yank its little limbs pretty hard to get them thru. I attached a little safety pin to his hands and feet to make them more sturdy to get thru.

Step six: sew a little elf hat. I attached a little Pom Pom ball to the end, cuz that’s how ours was growing up.. Then I took some string (like what you used to make friendship bracelets out of) and glued it in the hat to make a fringe of hair.

Before that stupid Elf on a Shelf, there was the Christmas Fairy. He’s way cooler. My moms mom started the tradition and passed it to us. He arrives when you get the tree, then reports back to santa each night, and hides in a different spot each morning. He gets closer and closer to the tree, and on Christmas morning he’s hiding among the ornaments on the tree. (Not sure if that’s the same as the elf dude). I made this little guy trying to replicate the one we had as kids. What do you think??