Hi there!!! Welcome to Vira’s Vanity!!! I’m Vira, as you may have guessed.. I’m a super girly girl that loves to paint her nails, snuggle with animals, and take short walks on the beach. I often get distracted by shiny things. I live alone, with 2 cats: Cow, a 20lb black and white mommas boy (don’t worry, you’ll get many a pic), and Stella, who was named after my favorite beer, and was a foster kitty that I couldn’t give back. They’re both kind of dead beats.. Never pay rent or do their dishes, but I adore them. I just wanted to start a blog to show off my nailing talents.. Whoops.. Re-word that one.. My talents with nail art, (with out flooding my insta and face book, and making even my closest friends ask me if all I do is paint my nails..) and any other DIY crafts I might be obsessing over.. (I mercilessly stalk the DIY section of Pinterest, and end up with one finished project to every 5 unfinished and or mangled projects) :p


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