More Melted Spoon Magnificence!

As I posted before, you have no idea how fun this is until you actually try it. I just can’t fight it. Come along on my journey of melted proportions!

Here is the very first one from the previous post, but painted silver with acrylic paint



So you know those adorable little appetizer or dessert spoons that you love because they make you feel like a giant ? Well mix em with that cool silver color plastic that looks real, and what do you get???



This one was done with a black spoon. Problem was, the two colored spoons I tried were thinner so they melted thru or caught on fire easier. (and I had less of them)… Still cute tho.


Same with the teal spoons..


This one was the mini silver spoons but I got a little cray and used too many, which made it look crowded. Now it looks cuter Cuz I painted it. (Using white acrylic paint and the food coloring from my mod Podge projects. Whaaaaat!)



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