Gel Nails. Tuxedo Nails. Oh you fancy.

Well, they didn’t start of with that intention, but it’s the undeniable result. Light gray background with dark purple on top



Gel Nails. Indecisiveness at its finest.

Obviously couldn’t decide between ‘mermaid slippers’ (teal with gold sprinkled at the cuticle) and chevron. Oh just throw it all in there!!! 🙂



Pretty Hand Detailed Panties.

I bought a pair of white Lacey panties from Victoria’s Secret for a bridal shower.. I was going to but one from their line of ‘bride’ panties, but the color on all the them was teal. While I adore teal, my friends colors are pink and grey. this got my stupid diy brain churning. I ended up with these adorable (if I so say so myself) personalized panties. And sewed pink and grey bow on the back, and and sewn pink beads saying ‘I do’ on the front.