Gel Nails. Red and Gold

They kind of look like ornaments!!!!



Ornaments! I’m Feelin’ Crafty!



Last year I bought some glass balls intending to do that adorable thing where you fill it with hot chocolate, layering candy canes and sprinkles and marshmallows, but I never followed through. So I thought, since they’re just laying around, why not mess with them!!! Here’s what I got.. One for my sis and bro in law, one for my BFF and her hubby, and one for my parents. I used my glass etching cream and did the first letters of their last name. The loose diamonds I bought when I threw my sis her bridal shower (they were scattered on the tables).. Glad I kept them!!!.

Christmas Fairy


Step one: buy wooden body looking things.

Step two: glue on pipe cleaner to look like arms and legs!

Step three: hand sew a little shirt, out of a piece of felt.

Step four: hand sew little pants.

(The hard part is turning them right side out after you sew them! The little arm holes are so tiny!!)

Step five: put tiny clothes on the tiny body… I let my glue dry over night.. Which is a must. You have to yank its little limbs pretty hard to get them thru. I attached a little safety pin to his hands and feet to make them more sturdy to get thru.

Step six: sew a little elf hat. I attached a little Pom Pom ball to the end, cuz that’s how ours was growing up.. Then I took some string (like what you used to make friendship bracelets out of) and…

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