Christmas Fairy

Step one: buy wooden body looking things.

Step two: glue on pipe cleaner to look like arms and legs!

Step three: hand sew a little shirt, out of a piece of felt.

Step four: hand sew little pants.

(The hard part is turning them right side out after you sew them! The little arm holes are so tiny!!)

Step five: put tiny clothes on the tiny body… I let my glue dry over night.. Which is a must. You have to yank its little limbs pretty hard to get them thru. I attached a little safety pin to his hands and feet to make them more sturdy to get thru.

Step six: sew a little elf hat. I attached a little Pom Pom ball to the end, cuz that’s how ours was growing up.. Then I took some string (like what you used to make friendship bracelets out of) and glued it in the hat to make a fringe of hair.

Before that stupid Elf on a Shelf, there was the Christmas Fairy. He’s way cooler. My moms mom started the tradition and passed it to us. He arrives when you get the tree, then reports back to santa each night, and hides in a different spot each morning. He gets closer and closer to the tree, and on Christmas morning he’s hiding among the ornaments on the tree. (Not sure if that’s the same as the elf dude). I made this little guy trying to replicate the one we had as kids. What do you think??


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