Krazy Koolaid Kupcakes

This one I have to attribute to my creative sissy.. But it’s still a pretty good idea. We decided to make cupcakes for my mommas birthday party (brunch at the players club so everyone could play poker afterward.. Yeah, I have that kind of family!)… We made white cake batter, separated it into 4 portions, then mixed in food coloring. Next, we took the store bought frosting separated it into 3 portions and mixed in not food coloring, but KOOLAID! Not an entire packet, mind you… Just a few taps, mix, taste, and add more to taste. The put it in your frosting doohickey and squirt it on how you like! Mixed with the plain cake it was freakin delish!!! It had a tangy taste to it.. Almost like a tangy lemon tart or something. Will DEFINITELY do it again. I’m not going to lie though.. It took way longer than normal cupcakes.







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