Cheese Art


Yeah, you heard me right. Some say artistic talent is defined by how well you can sculpt cheese. (Whispers off camera) I’m sorry, what’s that? No one says that? Oh, poop. Lol. Well, I can at least count it among my quirks. Check out my magnificence.

Two 8 oz boxes/bricks of Philadelphia cream cheese.
2 cups of chopped scallion/green onion.
1cup of chopped parmesan cheese.

2cups chopped bacon

2 Tbl spoons of mayo.

Mix it all up then let sit (covered) overnight. My favorite crackers to use with it are the Keebler (elf) Garlic Club House Crackers. Yum.

A bunny for Easter.


A palm tree for a Summer BBQ.

A three tier wedding cake cheese ball (complete with kissing goldfish!) for my sisters bridal shower!!

A Christmas tree and a present for Xmas.. And I added chopped jalapeños to the present one. You’re welcome for the surprise! 😉

20130904-005356.jpg Fat turkey for Thanksgiving.

20130904-005429.jpg Smaller turkey for a smaller turkey dinner.

20130904-005507.jpg Cheese Football for Super Bowl Sunday!!

20130904-005548.jpg Jack’o’lantern for Halloween!

20130904-005629.jpg Cornucopia for a different Thanksgiving.

20130904-005717.jpg A Mardi Gras mask for mardi gras!!

20130904-005751.jpg AND last but not least, my most recent cheese ball. An Easter Basket!!!


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